TFL Journey Planner Secret Advice

There is an amazing amount of visitors in London trying to orientate themselves in the city, through the TFL Journey Planner.

It is a great service helping millions of people find their way through the labyrinths of the capital which also provides maps and is considered to be the best London underground journey planner, but I found a major discrepancy, if I may say so.

In the tfl train journey planner, there are maps of the tube and the river, primarily.

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Cruise Deals in London

The london Regent’s Canal is one of the best kept secrets london has! It covers miles of waterways from the borders of Surrey with London, to the west, all the way to the Lime House by the Docklands, on the Thames, to the east.

Walking along the towpaths of the canal one can discover an intimate side of london, a hidden industrial past living side by side with wild life, as well as, a much more romantic environment which tends to disappear from the streets of London.


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